Version 2.05 for Windows

This update includes the following changes:

- Calling VSTCheck.exe is now done differently. It will survive VST crashes. Not only that, but if it detects failure, it will blacklist the VST, so next time it will be skipped. The log file will say: “xxx could not be executed, blacklisting”. The config file will contain an entry called ‘VSTBlackList’. This will have blacklisted VST dll’s separated by a ‘|’ character.

- If some VST files could not be found, additional search paths can be added by pressing the scan button in Prefs -> MIDI preferences. Note that each time you use this button, the previous additional search paths will be overwritten. So you can’t select C:\ and after that select D:\ and have them both. You can enter paths manually in the config file. It is possible to have multiple paths on one drive though: if you select the C: directory and it finds two ‘Vstplugins’ subdirectories, they can both be added. Note that for each ‘Vstplugins’ directory it finds, it will ask the user if he wants to add that path.

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